Black, J. – The world rapers


a raw, powerful novel of sensuality and money

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A lusty novel spread across three continents and climaxing in the seething cauldron of the oil-drenched Middle East, where cosmopolitan princes of profit, bejeweled sheikhs, and commercial cutthroats of every hue gather to batten on the golden riches of the world….where power is an aphrodisiac and a whore, passed from hand to hand among her instable lovers….and where sleek, cold, beautiful predators vie for the most dazzling stakes in de deadly gambit of Middle-East petro-politics…


Conditie: gelezen, in redelijk / goede staat. Hoekje omslag beschadigd en het boek heeft een paar ouderdomssporen

Pocket, 531 pagina’s, deze uitgave is uit 1977

ISBN 0553105876

Verzendkosten € 4,20

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