Deighton, L. – Berlin Game


the first spy story in Deighton’s great trilogy Game Set and Match

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He was the best source the Department ever had, but now he desperately wanted to come over the Wall.

“Brahms Four” was certain a high-ranking mole was set to betray him. There was only one Enlishman he trusted any more: someone from the old days. So they decided to put Bernie Samsn beck into the field after five sedentary years of flying a desk.

The field is Berlin, the game is as baffling, treacherous and lethal as ever…


Conditie: gelezen, in goede staat. Boek heeft een paar lichte gebruikers sporen, pagina’s wat vergeeld maar goed leesbaar

Pocket, 304 pagina’s, deze uitgave is uit 1983

ISBN 0586058206

Verzendkosten € 3,64

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