Freely, M. – Mother’s helper


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Meet de Pyles: Bob, the knee-jerk liberal, a college professor turned political consultant racing between Family Caucuses and Washington conclaves…  Kay, the feminist, who gave up ironing clothes for ironing out hang-ups…..Martin, an attorney, Kay’s guinea pig in the experiment of open marriage…. and the kids – wild, gifted, and bratty-free to express everything except the rage that seethes too near the surface to stay hidden…

…and Laura – young, lonely, desperately wanting a family, to belong, to help. Laura, who saw it all coming and could’t stop it..


Conditie: gelezen, in goede staat, zeer lichte ouderdomssporen

Pocket, 416 pagina’s, deze uitgave is uit 1981

ISBN 0440156963

Verzendkosten € 6,45 pakketpost

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