Glover, Dr. R. A. – No more Mr. Nice Guy


a proven plan for getting what you want in love, sex, and life

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Everyone knows a Nice Guy, the great listener whose female friends label him “a catch” but who never has a date on Saturday night. The husband who tries desperately to please his wife but whose marriage is emotionally and sexually unforfilling. Maybe you a Nice Guy…..

Dr. Robert Glover calls this the “Nice Guy Syndrome” – men who have internalized a faulty roadmap that leads them to believe that if they are “good” then they will be liked, loved and appreciated and that this will give them a smooth, problemfree life. But this can cause unnecessary frustration and suffering….

Drawing on years of clinical experiences, seminars and classes with countless Nice Guys, Dr. Glover teaches that by making your needs a priority, living a life of honestly, building support systems, and creating healthy practices, you can break free from the dysfuntional patterns of the Nice Guy Syndrome.

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Gelezen, zo goed als nieuw

Harde omslag met stofomslag, 204 pagina’s, eerste druk 2000 – deze uitgave is uit 2003

ISBN 9780762415335

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