Jakes, J. – North & South


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The Hazards were descended from an English fugitive. Now they were caught up in the modern world of invention and industry. They were pioneers of commerce.

The Mains had been rich for generations, plantation owners, guardians of a way of life the modern industry threatened to shatter. The eldest son of these two families meet in the army, and a friendship formed that links the Hazards and the Mains inextricably in love as well in hatred, in business as well in friendship, until the approaching civil war tears the families apart.


Conditie: gelezen, in goede staat. Boek heeft ouderdom sporen maar is goed leesbaar. De omslag is niet mooi meer, hoekjes omslag licht beschadigd

Pocket, 725 pagina’s, eerste druk 1982 – deze uitgave is uit 1986

ISBN 0006167101

Verzendkosten € 5,75 pakketpost

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