Rae, H.C. – Skinner


Skinner is the story of  a psychopath

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Skinner is a nondescript member of the sleasy world of petty crime; his only distinguishing characteristic being his predeliction for killing, woman in particular.

From the outset of the book, Skinner’s guilt is not in question – not to his sister and not to the police – Skinner even boasts of it.  But proving it to another matter. Skineer’s macabre dance with death and the law embraces four more brutal murders before the police get some very hard evidence and Skinner….


Conditie: gelezen, in goede staat, hoekjes en randjes omslag heel licht beschadigd en op de omslag bevindt zich een stickertje

Paperback, 286 pagina’s, eerste druk 1965 – deze uitgave is uit 1988

ISBN 0862672066

Verzendkosten €4,20

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