Bagley, D. – Landslide


the man without a past….

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Boyd is a geologist now, tough as the British Colombia lumber country where he works for the powerful Matterson Corporation. But his youth and his real name are mysteries, wiped out forever, he thinks, by the accident that nearly killed him.

Then a name he sees opens a door in his memory: the Trinevant family may be a clue to his past. Eargerly, he starts to investigate – and discovers the Bull Matterson and his son will do almost anything to keep the Trinevants forgotten forever….


Conditie: gelezen, in redelijk / goede staat. Boekje heeft een paar ouderdom sporen maar is prima leesbaar, omslag heeft een ezelsoor.

Pocket, 253 pagina’s, eerste druk 1967 – deze uitgave is uit 1979

ISBN 0006152678

Verzendkosten €3,65

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