Devon, G.- Lost


a novel of unbridled menace and breathtaking tension

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Lost is the story of a deranged and evil boy who will stop at nothing to gain possession of his abducted younger sister Mamie. Accompagnied by a vicious, wolflike hound, Sherman follows a trail from state to state across the frozen wastes of the eastern American seaboard after the worst blizzard in two decades. Fleeing before him is a woman, Leona, who has befriended Mamie and two other small children, and who will protect them unto death.


Conditie: gelezen, in redelijke staat. De omslag is niet mooi meer en op de eerste pagina staat een naam. Het boek zelf is goed leesbaar.

Pocket, 365 pagina’s, eerste druk 1986 – deze uitgave is uit 1987

ISBN 0552130613

Verzendkosten € 6,45 pakketpost

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