Jakes, J. – American Dreams


by the author of the North and South trilogy

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Fritzi, 26, knows that the time is running out in her ambition to become a successful actress. She heads for New York but learns fast that the streets of Broadway are not paved with gold but poverty, hunger and despair.

Her brother Carl drifts from town to town. When is long-time fascination for automobiles finally sparks into a talent for racing and ja job at Henry Ford’s factory, it seems his future is assured.

But then, for young Americans with German roots, the advent of the Great War is a shattering experience…..


Conditie: gelezen, in goede staat. Boek heeft een paar lichte gebruiker sporen maar is goed leesbaar, hoekjes omslag licht beschadigd

Pocket, 597 pagina’s, eerste druk 1998 – deze uitgave is uit 1999

ISBN 0751524158

Verzendkosten € 5,75 pakketpost

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