Jakes, J. – On Secret Service


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America 1861, the threat of civil war hangs heavy in the air, a war whose terrible effects no one will escape…

Lon Price has a burning desire to see an end to slavery and is prepared to resign from the Pinkerton police agency to fight for the North. But his departure is not neccessary, for the federal government is wll aware of the agency’s work, and in Lon they see a prime candidate for secret service. Margaret Miller is part of a a family that prides itself on supporting the South and when her father is killed by a Yankee bullet, she beccomes as determined as Lon to uphold the ideals she has been raised with..


Conditie: gelezen, in goede staat. Hoekjes omslag licht beschadigd, lichte ouderdom sporen

Pocket, 606 pagina’s, eerste druk 2000 deze uitgave is uit 2002

ISBN 0751530638

Verzendkosten € 6,45 pakketpost

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