Marshall, G.W. – The deal


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The superstar, called The Baron, the man with the panther grace and the godlike profile and the behind-the-screen life that everybody talks about but no one dares to print.

The producer, Jarnigan, known as “The Iceman”, a manipulator of other people’s dreams – and other people’s flesh.

The princess, with a figure that would make a bishop kick a hole in stained-glass window, and tastes that would make it worth doing.

These are just a few of the men and woman who are part of the deal.


Conditie: gelezen, in redelijk / goede staat. Boek heeft een paar lichte ouderdomsporen

Pocket, 530 pagina’s, eerste druk 1968 – deze uitgave is van 1969

Verzendkosten € 6,45 pakketpost

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