Mayer, S.L. – Signal Years of retreat 1943-44


Hitler’s wartime picture magazine

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The beginning of the end of Nazi power in Europe took place in early 1943 with the fall of Salingrad. 1943-1944 were years of unbroken retreat for Hitler’s Germany.

This book concludes the coverage of Hitler’s Wartime Picture Magazine Signal, which continued to be published in English until the editorial offices in Paris were abruptly closed when France was liberated.

The editors realized that with few if any victories to report, exaggeration of what little good news for Germanyappeared combined with outright untruths about ‘advances’ in a collapsing front were mixed with features on prosperity in the Reich even as the bombs of the Allies fell.

Dit boek is samengesteld door S.L. Mayer en bevat artikelen uit het Duitse blad Signal uit 1943-1944. Dit tijdschrift werd ook in de Engelse taal uitgegeven en dit boek is compleet in Engels.


Conditie: gelezen, in goede staat, binnenkant omslag heeft een witte sticker

Harde omslag met stofomslag, +/- 180 pagina’s, boek is uit 1979

ISBN 0600384004

Verzendkosten €4,20

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