Zuyev, A. – Fulcrum


a top gun pilot’s escape from the Soviet Empire

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Authors: Alexander Zuyev with Malcolm McConnel

He was a Soviet top gun – yet on May 20, 1989, Captain Alexander Zuyev piloted his super-advanced MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter to freedom. This book is his stunning testament of risk and courage, and his newsmaking expose of the Soviets that reveals:
The truth about the 1983 drowning of Korean Airlines Flight 007
The real story of American POWs taken from Vietnam to the USSR for intelligence purposes
and more.


Conditie: gelezen, in goede staat, hoekjes omslag licht beschadigd, lichte ouderdomsporen

Pocket, 377 pagina’s, boek is uit 1993

ISBN 0446364983

Verzendkosten € 6,45 pakketpost

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